Don’t Miss: The Best Songs of Q2 2021 [Playlist]

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The finest music of the last three months

Don’t Miss: The Best Songs of Q2 2021 [Playlist]

A compilation of my favourites new songs (available on Spotify) released in the past three months. Quarterly playlists are always divided into two CD-R-sized sets. You can browse the back catalogue on my Spotify profile. Click below to open this latest edition.

Don’t Miss: The Best Songs of Q2 2021

Disc 1

01. Tyler, The Creator: “Massa”
02. Mick Jenkins: “Truffles”
03. Kojaque: “Town’s Dead”
04. Destiny Rogers: “West Life” featuring Kalan.FrFr
05. Magdalena Bay: “Sky2Fall”
06. Jessie Ware: “Please”
07. Japanese Breakfast: “Slide Tackle”
08. Doja Cat & The Weeknd: “You Right”
09. Rochelle Jordan: “Broken Steel” featuring Farrah Fawx
10. Field Music: “No Pressure”
11. John Grant: “County Fair”
12. St. Vincent: “Love In The Dream”
13. Guided By Voices: “The Batman Sees the Ball”
14. La Luz: “In the Country”
15. David John Morris: “New Safe”
16. Kings of Convenience: “Comb My Hair”
17. Homeboy Sandman: “Go Hard”
18. Charlotte Day Wilson: “Keep Moving”
19. Sleater-Kinney: “Bring Mercy”
20. Faye Webster: “Cheers”

Disc 2

01. DMX: “That’s My Dog” featuring The LOX & Swizz Beatz
02. Snoop Dogg: “Roaches In My Ashtray” featuring Prohoezak
03. Megan Thee Stallion: “Thot Shit”
04. YG & Mozzy: “Gangsta”
05. Lil Baby & Lil Durk: “Voice of the Heroes”
06. Lloyd Banks: “Empathy” featuring Freddie Gibbs
07. Mach-Hommy: “The Stellar Rae Theory”
08. The Alchemist: “Loose Change” featuring Earl Sweatshirt
09. Evidence: “Start The Day With A Beat”
10. Harvey_dug: “labour”
11. Papo2oo4: “4 Point”
12. Big Jade: “Pressed” featuring OMB Bloodbath
13. Alicia Raye: “Nobody 2.0” featuring A9Dbo Fundz, Larry Alibi, Reggie & Smilez
14. CHAI: “END”
15. OHGEESY: “Secret Service”
16. Dretti Franks: “From The Southside With Love”
17. Wiki & NAH: “Shit Blood”
18. EXUM: “Sage The Room”
19. MCM Raymond & Remble: “The Rip”
20. Migos: “Antisocial” featuring Juice WRLD
21. Morray: “Trenches”
22. Jay Worthy: “ST. LGND 94”

Top 10 Albums of Q2 2021

01. Tyler, The Creator: Call Me if You Get Lost
03. Lloyd Banks: The Course of the Inevitable
04. Kassa Overall: Shades of Flu 2: In These Odd Times
05. Mach-Hommy: Pray For Haiti
06. Morray: Street Sermons
07. Japanese Breakfast: Jubilee
08. Kojaque: Town’s Dead
09. Kings of Convenience: Peace Or Love
10. Sleater-Kinney: Path of Wellness

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